Voices from Iraq

As an Iraqi doctor, Salem Ismael is accustomed to difficult conditions of work. But in 2004, at great personal risk, he attended the wounded and dying in the assault on Falluja. Listen here to his compelling account of what happened.

Jo Wilding is a British law student and clown. Visiting Iraq several times during and after the invasion as an international human rights observer, she found herself in the eye of the conflict. Jo tells here why she went to be with the Iraqi people. Her book "Don't Shoot the Clowns" is now published.

Ex US marine Michael Hoffman saw war in Iraq at close quarters and became increasingly disillusioned with his part in the 2003 invasion. On his return form duty he went on to co-ordinate Iraq Veterans Against the War. Here he speaks about the personal decision that led him to campaign for peace.

“Everything I know about War” is written and read by River Wolton who was awarded first prize in Red Pepper’s 2004 poetry competition.

Feature length 22 mins. Music accompanying this feature is played by Mike McLellan

Jo Wilding’s writings of her visits to Iraq can be read at www.jowilding.net

Iraq Veterans Against the War can be found at www.ivaw.net