About the Editor

Humanitarian issues and the fragility our planet are the concerns that matter most to me. My intention is to highlight topics that I feel only get superficial coverage in today’s media agenda. This website is a forum for people to talk with space & depth from their hearts about subjects that affect us all.

Being a broadcaster on local community radio has brought me closer to what is important to people within their immediate environment. Widening this perspective to the global community, I have desire to create a media that is not steeped in negativity and sensationalism.

Hearing people speak in their own words with conviction personally connects me more deeply with what is being shared. Their positive actions have invoked a sense of what is possible and moved me to be proactive. We are not just bunch of individuals! There are people like you and I all over the world.

I hope what inspires me will inspire you. I invite your comments and suggestions and would value your response.

Are you inspired by radio and passionate about the planet? I am seeking kindred spirits to take forward a vision of alternative broadcasting with heart. If interested please contact by E Mailing planetaryvoices@btinternet.com

Sincerely.... Paul Goodwin