Inspiring Links

Some organisations, projects and people in which you may be interested...


Green Net - supports and promotes groups and individuals working for the environment, human rights and peace through the use of IT.

Green Choices provides useful information on a whole range of topics, enabling greener living.

Friends of the Earth campaigning for solutions to global environmental problems.

Greenpeace - international NGO acting on threats to the planet's biodiversity and environment.

Climate Concern assists people who want to find out more about the harmful consequences of climate change and global warming.

Renewable Energy Association provides information on UK renewable energy producers.

Transport 2000 - UK independent body concerned with sustainable transport solutions.

Envirolink - on line environmental community that unites 100's of organisations & volunteers worldwide.

Low Impact Living Initiative promotes sustainable alternatives in various aspects of everyday life.

Permaculture Association helps people improve their environment by using permaculture in every day life.

Permaculture Magazine brings together ideas, advice & inspiration from people actually creating a better world.

Common Ground offers ideas, information & inspiration through publications & UK based projects like Community Orchards & Nature Days.

Carbon Neutral advises on how businesses can manage their carbon emmissions to eco friendly gift ideas.

Climate Change Speaker Network co-ordinates speakers in the UK for schools, councils, businesses, community and faith groups.

TEA - The Ethical Agency is an ethical communications agency working with businesses driven by values.

Sustainable Community Action Wiki has local sustainability ideas, information on projects & networks, and resources to help you take action.

Read It Swap It - the UK's free book swap shop, with thousands of titles to choose from.

Alliance of Religions & Conservation helps create links bertween faith communities and key conservation groups.

Islamic Foundation for Ecology & Environment is a leading Islamic environmental NGO.

Water Pollution Guide has useful information about sources of water pollution and how they can be treated.

Solar Fusion - solar power supplier and installer based in Dorset, UK committed to helping reduce carbon emissions.

Educate yourself on how to recycle waste materials at Global Warming Prevention.

Is Any One Going To? - online community putting travellers in touch with one another... saving them money & incovenience, and the environment.

Human Rights

Amnesty International - working to protect human rights worldwide.

Human Rights Watch - defending human rights throughout the world.

Reprieve - online resource on capital punishment.

Peace Brigades International - NGO protecting Human Rights workers via volunteers in areas of repression and conflict.

CAFOD - International Catholic aid agency acting on injustice and poverty.

Medecins Sans Frontieres - humanitarian medical aid agency.

Campaign Against the Arms Trade

Peace & Reconciliation

St Ethelburgas centre in city of London hosting events on peaceful transformation of conflicts.

Global Peaceworks is volunteers of many faiths living together while serving communities in need.

Peace Child International - educational charity empowering young people to inform themselves and take action on world issues.

Volunteers for Peace offers extensive international workcamp directory with more than 3000 voluntary service programs in over 100 countries.

Seacoast Peace Response works for peaceful response to war in USA. Activist radio show "Making Waves" produced in Portsmouth, N H.

The Danish Peace Academy communicates important information on peace and war and campaigns for peace education in Denmark.

Media Alternatives

Postive News online newspaper reporting on issues rarely covered in mainstream media.

ZNet - community of people committed to social change. Writers include Noam Chomsky, John Pilger and George Monbiot.

Indymedia - network of activists & organisations offering grassroots coverage of social & political issues.

Pacifica Radio broadcasts diverse range of free speech programming from USA via the net.

Living on Earth is a weekly environmental news and information programme, distributed by National Public Radio in USA, that can be heard online.

UTNE Reader reprints the best articles from over 2000 alternative media sources, highlighting provocative writing from diverse perspectives.

Planet Ark is a comprehensive source of environment news on the Net, providing daily world news stories related to the environment.

Worlds of Difference radio documentaries, featuring 40 stories from 27 countries, explore the impact of global change on traditional societies.

Speaking of Faith features an extensive archive of American public radio's regular conversation programme about spiritual beliefs, meaning, & ethics.

Time of Useful Consciousness Radio - an audio site with very interesting array of regular articles & talks on environment, globalisation, politics, history and more, based in San Francisco.

Ecoshock broadcasts variety of green news & features on endangered species, toxic technologies, climate change, nuclear issues and more.

Progressive Podcasting - a grassroots media site featuring talks by Robert Fisk, Noam Chomsky, Chalmers Johnson and many others.

Common Dreams - US citizen funded media organisation bringing progressive perspectives on news, politics and mix of issues.

Better World Links facilitates over 30,000 interesting web links on a whole range of global topics.

Web of Life Wiki is an experiment in global collaboration. It interactively promotes our connection with each other, nature, and healing the earth. has a plethera of topics to engage with and stimulate discussion on various aspects of modern society.

Media Democracy Day promotes open communications system that informs & empowers all members of society.

Fragments personal zine features articles on non-violence & social change, stories, poems, photos and art.

Earth Vision is Josef Graf's travelogue on spiritual ecology, "exploring the wilderness within."


Black Looks - Nigerian ex-organic farmer living in Spain writing informatively about African, global and women's issues.


The Society for Storytelling promotes oral storytelling, offers an exchange network, and produces a diary of UK events.