The Village Radical

John Papworth has led a varied life, being a baker, journalist, ecologist, and Church of England priest. With E F Schumacher and Sir Herbert Read he founded and edited Resurgence magazine in the 1960’s. He spent several years as the personal assistant to Zambian President Kenneth Kaunda. And he was imprisoned for anti-nuclear and civil rights protests.

Papworth is founding editor of Fourth World Review - a grass routes publication for a world of "small nations, small communities & the inalienable sovereignty of the human spirit". His books include authoring 'The Economics of Humanism', 'Small is Powerful', and 'Village Democracy' - in which he passionately restates his argument for radical decentralisation of power as the only answer to the current crises in politics, trade, ecology and international affairs.

Now in his mid eighties, Papworth reflects here on the things that have shaped his life and the state of the world today. Length 30 mins.