Surviving Death Row

Sunny Jacobs was sentenced to death in Florida along with her partner Jesse.They both protested their innocence despite being convicted for a crime of killing two police officers. Sunny eventually had her sentence commuted to life but Jesse was executed. Since release, Sunny has become a tireless advocate for the abolishion of the death penalty in the USA, and has taken part in the critically acclaimed play "The Exonerated." Here, she shares about how she survived the experience of being on Death Row and has transformed her life.

Her best friend Micki Dickoff became a passionate advocate of the pair’s innocence. Micki is a renowned independent film maker and has made documentaries and films covering many areas of human rights. Here she tells why she became so involved in Sunny’s case and believes strongly in the abolition of the death penalty.

Feature length 42 mins. Above photo - Sunny pictured on right with friends Micki (far left) and Christie, both of whom campaigned vigorously for her release.

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