News from a Warming World

Mark Lynas is a British author, journalist and activist. In addition to being involved in environmental direct action during the 1990’s, he worked at, helping develop it as a leading internet portal on development issues. Since leaving OneWorld in 2000, he has been an active broadcast commentator and journalist on the issue of climate change.

His book “High Tide”, published in 2004, is an account of his travels across five continents to find evidence of a changing climate. The shocking truth is illustrated in the picture above, where Mark beholds the change to a Peruvian glacier. He is holding a comparative photo of a slide shown to him by his father and taken only 20 years previously. Here, Mark talks about his quest to ascertain the condition of this glacier and what he also found when travelling to research his book. Length 21 mins.

His new book “Six Degrees” is out now. Mark writes regular informative postings on climate change at