Never Again

When it comes to genocide, “Never Again” has been repeatedly decreed over the decades. Yet, have these become hollow words in the light of Rwanda, Darfur and other such horrors? Dr Martin Stern (pictured on menu page) had direct experience of the Holocaust of the Second World War, being taken to Theresienstadt concentration camp as a small child, but miraculously survived the mass extermination. Fifteen thousand children entered the ghetto of Theresienstadt transit camp, located in the modern day Czech Republic, but less than one per cent survived.

Now Dr Stern feels compelled to share his story of survival with a younger generation, often in schools, because he believes in doing the utmost to protect against future genocide. Uncomfortable questions remain, like - what drives human beings to brutally kill each other on mass? Here, Dr Stern addresses such questions frankly and tells his remarkable personal story. 36 mins.

Dr Stern also works with the Aegis Trust, an NGO that campaigns to prevent genocide worldwide.