Music for the Heart and Head

Martyn Joseph has been called the Welsh Woody Guthrie and “David Gray with balls!” He received the accolade for best solo music artist at the 2004 Welsh Music Awards. Whether it is singing about his native roots or injustices in the world, Martyn conveys a passion that touches his audiences. After seeing him in concert, one observer likened the experience to “the beautiful business of being alive with all its jokes, absurdity and sadness.”

Speaking on the final date of his 2004 tour, which included over 200 live performances, Martyn shares why he cares about writing and singing songs that will make a difference in some way. We also hear his music over the years, including his acclaimed CD “Whoever it was that Brought me here will have to take me Home”. Length 45 mins.

Photo by JJ. Martyn’s website is