Michael Wood's Historical Journeys

In a career spanning 30 years, historian and film-maker Michael Wood has made over a hundred films and documentaries - many internationally acclaimed. From “The Story of India” to the series “Conquistadors,” and from “Great Railway Journeys” to following “In the Footsteps of Alexander the Great,” Michael Wood has a way of communicating his passion for historical storytelling on screen.

His most recent television series “A Story of England” followed the history of one English village, Kibworth, over the centuries - a place that lived through the black death, the civil war, and the industrial revolution, as well as two world wars. Here, Michael not only talks about the making of that series and what brought a village’s history alive on screen, but he’s full of interesting tales of his life spent filming and unearthing history around the world. Length 46 mins.

For more details on Michael's films visit the Mayavision website.