Learning from Ladakh

From her Swedish roots Helena Norberg-Hodge became a linguist, but it was her first visit to the Himalayan plateau of Ladakh in northern India that changed her life. After spending sixteen years there, she published her book “Ancient Futures” in 1991- a study of what happens when modern development encroaches on a harmonious age old culture.

More recently she was co-author of “Bringing the Food Economy Home - Local Alternatives to Global Agribusiness”. Helena is director of the International Society for Ecology and Culture (ISEC) a non profit organisation concerned with the protection of biological and cultural diversity, with an emphasis on education for action. In 1986 she received the distinguished Right Livelihood Award.

Also a member of the International Forum on Globalisation, Helena talks here about how we can empower ourselves in a rapidly changing world and can learn from the culture of Ladakh - Length 40 mins.

More info at www.isec.org.uk

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