Jerusalem Peacemakers

Eliyahu McLean, pictured right, visits and dialogues with people of all faiths and communities in the Holy Land. He travels internationally raising support for peace, and works with other peacemakers, organising reconciliation-oriented events. He says “It takes two wings to fly... when we work together towards harmony and wholeness... when we speak from one heart and learn to respect each others differences.”

Ghassan Manasra (left) is the director of Anwar il-Salaam, a Muslim peace and dialogue centre based in Nazareth under the guidance of his father Sufi sheikh Abdul Salaam Manasra. His father serves as the head of the Qadiri Sufi order in the Holy Land. He is currently running a project that brings together Jewish and Muslim high school principals and educators for study and training in religious sources for peace.

Here, whilst on a visit to the UK, Eliyahu and Ghassan share their experiences of how inter faith dialogue and activity is are making a positive impact in the Holy Land. The interview is accompanied by music from Martin John Nicholls, who on visiting the region, commented that “every death and injustice nurtures hatred and erodes hope. Yet, miraculously, deep beneath the pain and scars people are praying, campaigning and working for peace.”

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The Compassionate Listening Project and the All Nations Cafe are a couple of the many organisations that also work for conflict resolution and to build bridges in the Holy Land.

The song “One Blood” is taken form Martin John Nicholl’s CD “Beyond Belief”. More details at