Hands that Unleashed Thunder

Former liberation fighter Letlapa Mphahlele was responsible for two of themost infamous acts of violence in apartheid South Africa. Brutal honesty and an unswerving commitment to his ideals have driven him into areas most people would turn away from in horror. During the last few years Letlapa has undertaken an extraordinary journey of reconciliation that led him to form relationships with those who had been harmed by his actions.

“By meeting, we are able to restore each other’s humanity” he says. Here he speaks candidly about his life and the decisions that were to have such an impact on him and others, also written about in his book “Child of this Soil - My Life as a Liberation Fighter”. At the book’s launch he was confronted by Ginn Fourie, who’s daughter was killed in one massacre. They now work together, having set up a Foundation to deal with the challenge of poverty and ex-combatant anger.

Feature length 29 mins. Visit www.lyndifouriefoundation.org.za to find out more about their work.