Get Up, Stand Up

Marielos Monzon (pictured here) is an acclaimed Guatemalan journalist and writer subjected to death threats and intimidation. Having been recognised in 2003 for her courageous work by the International Women’s Media Foundation, in September 2005 she received the “Human Rights Journalism Under Threat” award from Amnesty International.

Via a weekly newspaper column and her radio programme broadcast from Guatemala City on Radio Universidad, Marielos gives people the opportunity to tell their stories of human rights violations endured during the country’s 36 year civil war, in which an estimated 200,000 Guatemalans were killed.

Tita Radilla is a human rights defender in Mexico and has also faced threats against her. She is vice-president of the Families of the Disappeared and Detained and Victims of Human Rights Violations, an organisation set up to fight for justice. During Mexico’s “dirty war” in the 1970s and 80s security forces killed hundreds of political and social activists.

Both women talk here about their work carried out in a climate of hostility, and of their personal resolve to continue despite their lives being threatened. Length 29 mins.

Tita Radilla's work in mexico has been supported by Peace Brigades International.

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