From Overwhelm to Engagement

Shambhala, the “Hidden Kingdom” is thought of in Tibet as a mysterious community, where enlightened beings guide the evolution of humankind. A twelfth century prophecy about the coming of the Shambhala warriors tells of a time when all life on earth is in danger and many Tibetans believe that time to be now.

Here, the Shambhala Prophecy is related by American eco-philosopher Joanna Macy PhD, who, over the years, has been a leading voice in movements for peace, justice and a safe environment. Her books such as “Despair & Personal Power in the Nuclear Age” in 1983 and the more recent “Coming Back to Life - Practices to Reconnect Our Lives, Our World” have illustrated how Joanna’s work helps transform despair and apathy in the face of overwhelming social & ecological crisis, into constructive and collaborative action.

Inspired by this approach, Dr Chris Johnstone goes on to describe how we can move from overwhelm to engagement when facing global issues. His new book “Find Your Power” explores this theme, offering insights and strategies to help us cultivate inner strengths, find ways through blocks and take inspired action. Introducing The Work That Reconnects , the empowerment approach developed by Joanna Macy, Chris talks here about how we can train ourselves to rise to the challenges presented by the times in which we live.

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Music at beginning of feature - “Gathering” by Manu Song. End music -“Paddling” by Barnaby Taylor. See Both tracks feature hammered dulcimer by Chris Johnstone. Thanks to Gaiabeat Productions for the Shambhala Warrior Phophecy recording.