Crafting Stories in Music

American singer-songwriter Richard Shindell produces crafted stories that draw you in as a listener. His songs often involve storytelling from a first-person point of view, weaving tales told through the eyes of characters grappling with life’s challenges. From his debut album “Sparrow’s Point” in 1992, to his most recent recording “Not Far Now,” Richard’s empathy with those characters seems to make his songs truly evocative.

Shindell’s most acclaimed album is “Somewhere Near Paterson” released at the turn of the millennium, a time when he also moved to live in Argentina. Juggling family life there whilst being an international troubadour musician he admits, can be complicated, as I found out when I spoke to him whilst on tour in the UK. Listen here to his music and what fire’s his passion for song writing. Length 29 min.

Richard’s website is