Can One Person make a Difference?

Can we blame ourselves for switching off from the conflict in Darfur? After all, the international community seems to have had little resolve to stop the atrocities happening in that region of Sudan. Reading Lisa French Blaker’s book “ Heart of Darfur” re-sensitises us to the bloodshed and famine there. The account of her time there as a nurse with Medecins Sans Frontieres highlights the personal stories behind the human tragedy. Lisa attempts to come to terms with the often terrible circumstances there, as her team struggles to save lives torn apart by violence and hunger. Darfur is to be the best and the worst place she has ever been.

Here, Lisa talks about the people she met, their stories, and the challenges she faced. She says “ we can all be excused for wanting to withdraw when faced with the overwhelming needs and fears in the world. I have closed my eyes and ears many times. But stepping forward and participating in the chaos, refusing to accept all the madness, allowing myself to feel and reach out, was my choice that cured any apathy.” Length 26 mins.

Music by Tunde Jegede from CD “Still Moment”