Can Britain Feed Itself?

When visiting a dairy farm at the age of five Patrick Holden CBE decided he wanted to milk cows. And after studying biodynamic agriculture, he started a community farm in West Wales in the 1970s, where nowadays he still milks the cows at weekends. He was involved in organic farming when it was still considered a fringe movement. Yet, whilst leading the Soil Association, Patrick saw sales of organic food rise from £50 million to £2 billion.

Now, after 15 years as Director of the Soil Association, Patrick Holden is off to pastures new. Given his extensive hands on farming experience, eco- campaigning pursuits, writing, broadcasting and public speaking, Patrick should have more than enough on which to focus. I met him when he was still at the Soil Association, and giving a talk, at the Ealing Transition Town Initiative, that posed the question - “Can Britain Feed Itself?” Or, more specifically, how would our local areas fair if our food supplies in the UK were seriously disrupted? Length 23 mins.