Alternatives to Boom or Bust

Readers of the Ecologist magazine will have been familiar with its “pulling no punches” investigative style over several decades. For 10 years until 2008 the Ecologist was edited by Zac Goldsmith. And his editorship of the magazine was one of the numerous topics I wanted to talk about with Zac.

When I met him it was just prior to his election as Conservative MP for Richmond Park, and shortly after he had published his book “The Constant Economy - How To Create a Stable Society,” in which he set out his ideas for an economy in which resources are valued and not wasted, and where food is grown sustainably and goods are built to last. It sounds just what the planet needs, but how possible is it practice I wondered? And personally, is there any conflict between his millionaire status and being a crusading environmentalist? Listen to our in-depth conversation here. Length 30 min.

Zac's website is