Troubadour of Our Times

Folk musician and songwriter Tom Paxton is the voice of his generation. Along with names like Bob Dylan and Joan Baez, he was an integral part of the American protest movement singing for civil rights and against war in the 1960s. Although not courting commercial success, he is probably most known for penning the much covered song “The Last Thing on my Mind”, and is widely admired by a diversity of fellow musicians.

Over the years, Tom has continued to address issues of injustice and inhumanity through his music, as well as expressing humour and singing for children. He has toured extensively internationally although is now vowing to “slow down”. Whilst on a tour of the UK in early 2005, Tom talks here about his life spent expressing concerns through music. This is the man who wrote “Peace will come and let it begin with me”. Length 44 imns.

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