Planetary Voices

What on earth matters to you? There are many ways to be passionate about this planet. On this site you will hear many voices expressing their cares and connections to the world we inhabit. The inspirational people featured here feel compelled to live life out of a sense of strong conviction.

Listen to articles ranging from organic farming to how we can live more sustainably.The Environment page includes interviews with leading ecology experts, conversations with Satish Kumar & Helena Norberg-Hodge, and a tour of the Centre for Alternative Technology .

In the Human Rights section, hear people such as Anita Roddick, Suzanne Vega, and Ken Wiwa. Issues talked about include human rights abuses, the death penalty, working under threat to one's life, and refugees.

And, visit the Peace and Reconciliation page to hear remarkable stories of compassion, understanding and forgiveness.

And finally, the Life Stories and Music section features familiar and unknown names from the world of music, storytelling and more. Hear about remarkable life transformations, listen to an exploration of the ultimate taboo - death, and share in the magic of play and stories that fire the imagination.

Each unique perspective gives rise to the possibility of living more in harmony.

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